How to do your best in an interview

Looking for a job is an exciting time, some of you will be completing your graduation and thinking about getting a job to kick start your professional life. But to achieve success in your professional life, the first step to get your job is to do your best in your interview and this is the step which everyone must get past. An interview is the process in which the organisation will examine and analyze your skills and knowledge. They will see if your skills meet their company’s needs. Even the smartest and most qualified job seekers need to prepare for their job interview. Interview skills are learned and there are no second chances to make a first impression. Aspirare will let you give some tips about how to do your best in an interview.

Give your best during non-verbal communication because everyone knows “first impression is the best impression”. Non-verbal communication is all about demonstrating confidence, standing straight, making eye-contact and connecting with a firm handshake.

Formal dress is important for you to give a good first impression. It will lead you one-step ahead of getting your dream job.

During the interview, you should show your good communication skills by listening to the points of the interviewer and showing interest.

Don’t talk too much during interview. Telling the interviewer more than you need to could be the fatal mistake.


Worst interview mistakes

Anyone who has been in the job-hunting market for a long time knows how to go for an interview and how to should showcase themselves during the interview. But many do not know how to showcase themselves during interviews, which in turn can make them lose the opportunity. Employers may not tolerate mistakes, especially if there are other applicants for the same position. These are some of worst interview mistakes that you should avoid:

Dressing issues
Dressing appropriately and smartly can help you get the job. Being presented well can leave a positive impression on your interviewer. Remember, making a good first impression on a potential employer is very important.

Too late or Too early
You shouldn’t arrive late or too early to your interview as it is not good etiquette. It can reduce your interviewer’s initial impression of you. This will make your chance of getting the job drop. So, the conclusion is, you should be punctual for your job interview.

Criticizing your previous employees
Talking nastily about the employees of your previous company will have a negative effect on your appearance and attitude with a potential employer. This will reduce your chances radically of being hired.


Ways to avoid feeling overwhelmed in your job search

Searching for a job can be stressful and frustrating, which in turn can you make you feel overwhelmed. Stress and anxiety can cause physical and mental side effects, which can negatively impact your progress. It is very critical for job-seekers to try and eliminate as much job-hunting anxiety as they can, for their own mental well-being as well as for the sake of professional success. Aspirare provides some ways to avoid feeling overwhelmed in your job search:

Adjust your mindset
Job applications are a great approach, if you are searching for a new job on an urgent basis. In every application, submitting your resume will bring you one step closer to landing a job.

Set goals and deadlines
Job-hunting can feel extremely daunting and overwhelming when your only focus is to find employment. This can negatively impact your motivation to begin your search and can also lead you to feel discouraged.

Take breaks
It is easy to get stressed and frustrated if you are continuously spending too much time on job searches. You have to take some break in between searching for jobs, go outside, spending with your friends and do what makes you feel happy and de-stress.

Reward your successes
Job searching is not easy, try to focus on your achievements. Once your application has been submitted take a step back and applaud yourself. Every milestone counts.


Recruitment consultants over internal recruitment

Basically, every business owner wants to recruit the most talented candidates for both senior and junior positions. They want their organisation to be filled with the best employees, who will work to increase the revenue of the business. For that, they will depend upon either recruitment consultants or an internal recruitment team. Both of them are useful and will help the company improves their profitability by finding a skilled employee. However, creating an in-house recruitment team is both time-consuming and expensive. Recruitment consultants on the other hand, will take on board the full responsibility of attracting the best candidates available and matching them to the requirements of the job, without punching a hole in your pocket. There are several recruitment sourcing strategies for finding candidates outside of your client’s company. Some of the prime reasons why Recruitment Consultants are a better option than Internal Recruitment are:

Help you save time
Companies who are hiring need talented and skilled employees within a very quick span of time. This can become a serious challenge for internal recruitment due to other job role commitments, however external recruitment consultants can do this job perfectly as their time is solely dedicated to filling your position.

Experienced in sourcing candidates
Internal recruitment teams can recruit good employees however with expert professional knowledge about candidates, recruitment consultants can find the perfect employees for your business.

Have knowledge about the market

Internal Recruitment teams don’t often have much knowledge of the current market status and industry trends but the recruitment consultants are aware of all up’s and down’s of the market.