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People are the heart of everything we do, we recognise the importance of results and reliance on your people strategy. We are the proud creators of a unique system that delivers and works for everyone who rely on people to carry out task and service.

What is a talent management system?

Our talent management system is a step-by-step scientific solution and methodology to identify and filter job applicants against a specific validated job benchmark. This includes assessing job criteria vs hard and soft skills, team members and cultural demands. All of this is vital prior to any commencement of recruitment.

Why talent management?

Its quite simple, when your involved in the front line service and delivery, you must be completely connected and engaged to talent dynamics and outcomes. If your approach is correct, some of the benefits achieved include, individual and operational performance, team dynamics, effective communication, collaboration, growth, overall efficiency, productivity, enhanced service and delivery, staff retention reputation, best practice and many more.

What happens if you get it wrong?

This is quite simple too, the opposite of all the above. You must measure your tangibles to understand your success, however if you get it wrong, what does it cost you? Do you have to start all over again? How do you repair your reputation and staff morale? Will your customers be happy?

You can get it right

constantly measured. To get your selection right, you must look at your validation and selection methods first and then blend some traditional methods with science. You must also raise your own awareness to the pitfalls of face-to-face interviewing, you cannot recruit on behaviours alone it’s a masked situation.

Have you ever interviewed Superman on a Friday and David Brent shows up on a Monday?

We are proud to say we spend ALL our working time in assessing talent and people dynamics prior to recruitment, we are experts in this subject.

A step-by-step guide to a talent management system


Job Benchmarking


Scientific talent assessment


Applicant review


First stage vetting


Second stage vetting


Effective reference checking


Recruitment outcomes


Engagement and hiring


Coaching and support methodologies

Job Benchmarking

The starting point of any people project is critical to the success of the project when its single most important ingredient is people. We are entwined with our end clients and challenge all aspects of the job, the culture, the roles and responsibilities. We ask interrogative behavioural applied questions in line with our scientific tools. For example, if someone is working in the front line of service and delivery, their behavioural attributes must synchronize with the validated job spec and the core attributes of the culture - inclusive of customers and team members. We do this prior to any recruitment project commencing resulting in greater success and outcomes.

Most clients either use old job specs and spend a small percentage of their time actually working on the whole recruitment project due to the rigors and demands of their core responsibilities in their job, this has an adverse effect on success and in turn, dilutes the sourcing process and harms decision making. This is all done prior to any interview!

Scientific talent assessment

Aspirare Talent Management Solutions are driven by both directors, Martin McCrum and Giles Plenderleith who have over 15 years behavioural coaching and assessment experience out with recruitment and are proud directors of Innermetrix UK.

Innermetrix UK is a collaboration between Martin McCrum, Giles Plenderleith and the MD Allan Miller. Allan is globally renowned as a consultant and coach in over 30 countries of the world and boasts a network of 1500 coaches. Innermetrix focuses on breaking down barriers that inhibit success and improves overall health and profitability of any organisation. During these challenging times, being able to understand how to drive effectiveness and performance in a business is critical. Our tools are unique and stand alone and are supported by the expertise of Martin, Giles and Allan in interpreting them.

These world class tools are a blend of the ‘What’, the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’ of human behaviour. We use a tri-metric report focusing on observable behaviours, what drives that behaviour and even how you think and make decisions on a conscious and subconscious level. More information on these tools can be found on the Innermetrix UK website. Here’s a visual example of what the reports look like.

Applicant Review

For any large project, once we have completed our ‘discovery processes and analysis of the complete project including culture and job benchmarking, we set our own benchmark for any potential applicant. As experts in customer service, we recognise that no two environments are identical. Therefore our benchmarking criteria is generated to be bespoke. Those who meet the elements required progress to the next stage of rigorous applicant vetting.

First Stage Vetting

At the first stage, the CV doesn’t really feature too strongly, it’s more an opportunity to explore and enquire about the applicant’s behavioural report to ensure suitability to the environment and tasks. This process will allow us to find additional information that is not highlighted in a traditional interview, drawing attention to any area that needs further explored whether positive or negative. It also looks into the future and highlights tips for development; if we feel satisfied that the individual is suitable, we proceed to the next stage of the process.

Second Stage Vetting

Once armed with our behavioural outcomes, this allows us to shape additional questioning based on extracts of the CV, the job spec and key aspects of the team and cultural fit. All the answers to these questions are further analysed and then scored on a minimum benchmark matrix. If the candidate is still successful, we proceed further.

Effective Reference Checking

Reference checking isn’t a single defining factor for success in the recruitment process. Effective reference checking is simply more data to help make a qualified decision. We ensure that we seek appropriate references and tailor our questions to the specific setting or establishment. We follow this up with ‘Killer Behavioural Questions’ that focus on reliability and suitability (soft skills).

Recruitment Outcomes

It’s our intention to supply a wholly accurate and specific shortlist of suitable, high standard candidates, giving the end user a choice of quality. Recruitment processes are peppered with risk as although interviewing is a great way to get to know the candidates’ superficial observable social skills it can be ineffective in identifying core talents and weaknesses as they relate to the job. This must be done prior to interview using scientific methodology. Interviewing in itself will never be a sufficient way to ascertain what you need to know by verbally asking someone what they are good at! It’s simply a subjective way of gathering liable information.

Engagement and Hiring

Once the suitable hire is chosen, a brand-new set of parameters come to the fore. We have established that all capabilities and attributes are in line with our client’s needs, and now engagement, contact points and clarity take priority. This is a 2-way street with the worker and who he or she is serving. When we have placed the suitable candidate, there are many arranged contact points to assess performance and connection to the outcome. We identify future leaders within groups to be the first point of contact in a volume customer service scenario.

Coaching and Support Methodologies

As we journey through growth on any flexible resourcing contract, it’s important to realise that the chosen worker is now an asset of your business and as such, continuous improvement should be pursued. Within our system every worker will have an individual coaching and assessment plan to ensure customer service and delivery is always the number one objective reached. Allan Miller has developed his own professional consulting coaching academy and is a Level 5 coach. Therefore at all levels, Allan’s, methodologies will raise standards. Key areas we focus on include Talent Recognition and Management, Succession Planning, Performance Improvement, Recruitment and Retention, Team Dynamics, Leadership and many more.

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