Anyone who has been in the job-hunting market for a long time knows how to go for an interview and how to should showcase themselves during the interview. But many do not know how to showcase themselves during interviews, which in turn can make them lose the opportunity. Employers may not tolerate mistakes, especially if there are other applicants for the same position. These are some of worst interview mistakes that you should avoid:

• Dressing issues
Dressing appropriately and smartly can help you get the job. Being presented well can leave a positive impression on your interviewer. Remember, making a good first impression on a potential employer is very important.

• Too late or Too early
You shouldn’t arrive late or too early to your interview as it is not good etiquette. It can reduce your interviewer’s initial impression of you. This will make your chance of getting the job drop. So, the conclusion is, you should be punctual for your job interview.

• Criticizing your previous employees
Talking nastily about the employees of your previous company will have a negative effect on your appearance and attitude with a potential employer. This will reduce your chances radically of being hired.

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