5 ways to use a video in recruitment

If you have your own company and want to upgrade the recruiting method, and the candidate’s quality then this is the time to turn the table. A video will help you do that. Videos are the latest trend by which you can upgrade the way of recruitment in your company and will attract more candidates.
5 ways by Aspirare to use videos in recruitment:

• You have to integrate videos and show candidates the reason why your company is great.
• Get your employees involved in the video-recruiting strategy. Instead of using text to announce job requirements and expectations use a video instead.
• Videos will also help in the screening process. According to a recent survey, about 25% of 700 executives’ work in the organisation recruit via video.
• Video application also allows candidates to show their strength, weakness and skills.
• Creating recruitment videos and posting to the social media can also improve the hiring process.


How to succeed in a new job

Starting a new job is both stressful and exciting, and the first day is usually the hardest, often fraught with nerves. Therefore, in your new company, if you want to succeed then you should make good impressions by meeting the expectations of your boss. Succeeding in your new job does depends on performance. Aspirare provides you many ways which will help you succeed in your new role:

• Be friendly
Make a strong first impression on your colleagues by preparing informal conversational questions that will help you connect with them on a personal and business level.

• Ask your work for feedback
You should ask your work for feedback, this will help you understand your boss’s vision of you work and you. It also highlights improvement opportunities to help to strive in your role.

• Show your dedication
You have to understand that your boss hired you knowing your talent, and you should showcase your talent and skills with full dedication.


How to handle a job rejection

Being rejected in a job interview will put you and your confidence down, the key to success is to stay positive throughout the whole hiring process. The hiring process at most companies is often difficult to gauge and control, so just because you didn’t pass the interview stage doesn’t mean you don’t have the knowledge or skills.

Tips to handle a job rejection:

• Always focus on the positive side. Rejection from an interview will help you understand your weak points, you will always learn something new to help you improve.

• The job market is getting more competitive day by day. Be highly selective with the jobs you apply for. Narrow your search down to get the most relevant job.

• Try to understand the issues you endeavor during interviews. You should try and highlight your best skills throughout your interview to advance forward in the process.

• Give the company feedback and also take all feedback on board to help improve your chances in your next interview.


How to advance your career

Everyone wants to develop their skills and wants to progress in their career, but not everyone knows how to do this. They don’t have the proper ideas and tips to apply for their career advancement. We at Aspirare are here to help you out for that. We have great tips that you should follow to advance your career. It will take your mind off everyday stress and focus on career advancement.

Know your career mission
On a theoretical level, your career is represented by your job description. The professionals who understand their work will know how to get success through their job.

Use a reliable personal organization system
Make sure your personal work life is well-organized and effective-develop good habits and if your organization doesn’t come naturally to you then explore yourself and help you acquire your skills.

Maintain focus on results rather than time
While doing your work for many hours, many employees lose their attitude and get stressed out. This will affect your result so keep the work ethic and make sure you have produced worthwhile progress every day.

Spend time, pay attention and more to your network
Give time to your network that will help you brush-up your skills and also pay attention to their activities that will help you make yourself versatile to handle the situation.


Useful tips for jobseekers

Finding a new job is always a challenging and frustrating experience for every job seeker but if you have good strategies and result-oriented tactics then it can help make the job search a bit easier. Knowing how to get a job easily will never leave you sat unemployed. Aspirare will provide you with useful tips for the job seeker. The tips from us for finding the new job included in this blog are applicable for the job seekers, from those just starting out to experienced candidates who need a quick refresher.

• Make your networking strong
Many people find and get a job through word of mouth from other people using their networking skills. You should use the people you know to find out what jobs are on the market.

• Attract Employers
Rather than finding the job, do something that potential employers come to you. Post your CV online that will help you save time and effort of job hunting.

• Focus companies
Look at the companies that have a good reputation as an employer and have a strong appearance in the current market.

• Always be positive
Don’t get stressed and frustrated if you get rejected or don’t even get the response. Stay positive and keep searching for jobs.


Useful tips to craft the perfect CV

When trying to get your dream job, the perfect CV is very important. Your CV should stand out from the crowd on a piece of paper that will showcase your expertise in a well-mannered and professional way. We all know that hiring managers only spend a few seconds looking at your CV, so the point is how can you stand out? Check out some of the tips from us that will help you craft the perfect CV.

• Make a consistent level
The CV you are going to show the HR manager should be consistent throughout the format, the font, the colors and everything else which you are going to include in your CV.

• Include all your information
Your CV should include your telephone number and full address. You can also include details of your Social Networks if you think it would be relevant.

• Your CV should be in order
The presentation of your CV is very important, so arrange your sections into Profile, Experience, Interests, Qualifications, Achievements and key skills.

• Quality not quantity
Don’t make your CV a storybook. Write only your experience and interests.


Ways to use social media to manage your career

As at present, social media is the best mode of contact to connect with people on a global scale. It will help you showcase your feelings, your activities and in short, it will help you showcase your daily life. Here we are talking about career management. Social media gives you great advantages for advertising your personal brand, finding and landing a job or moving up in your field.

Ways to use social media to manage your career: –

• To manage your social media, you should let your voice be heard in a professional and courteous manner.

• Before asking for a resume, a potential employer may check your online profile, so you should have a LinkedIn profile and a URL to your email which will make it easy for them to get in touch with you.

• Follow your target companies on social media to get to the latest news about them but also for a sense of the culture.


Analyse yourself

Understanding yourself is the best way of knowing what your skills are, enabling you to focus on the areas that will help you achieve success in your life. Basically, analysing yourself means knowing about your behavior, likes, dislikes, tendencies and beliefs. Self-analyses helps you reflect on where you are in various aspects of your life. Knowing all of this information helps you better prepare for any necessary adjustments you must make while moving through your life.

There are many ways to learn how to analyse yourself, we at Aspirare will help you in doing this.

• Understand your feelings. Analyse yourself, how you feel, as well as your attitude and perceptions according to the situations.

• Your strengths. Think about your strengths, it will help you successfully clear the breakers from your daily life.
Your strengths will back you up at all times in your life.

• Track your moods. Whatever you feel at anytime, write it down. This will help you understand your moods according
to the situation. It will also help you listen to and guide your inner voice.

• Recognize your feelings. Analyse your feelings by judging your reactions, tones of your voice, facial expressions and body


Develop a meaningful career and have a meaningful life

Are you happy or satisfied with your career? You can be both.

It’s a basic fact that that sometimes we are too busy making a living to make a life, time and decisions are precious, why guess when you can know how!!

Working a job that you aren’t fulfilled in can have a long-lasting negative effect on your health and happiness, we can advise you behaviorally and professionally on how to make the right career
decisions. If you are fulfilled, you are less likely to suffer from behavioural stress.

To have a successful and meaningful career, requires you to ensure that there is talent and professional alignment to the correct job and environment both in hard and soft skills, we can seek someone who can advise and benchmark your talents, it’s worth it.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like what they do in work but won’t do anything about it? This follows a certain process, first you think about it, then you verbalise it, then you act upon it.

If you have these questions, make your decision to change now.
Don’t suffer a life of unhappiness wondering if there is something else out there for you, there is!!

A job has many variables, inclusive of the cultural aspect. What is culture? Culture is system of shared beliefs or common ground, find something that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin
then your natural talents will shine, and satisfaction will follow
Anyone can be the best if they want to be, remember time is the most precious commodity known to us all, don’t waste time wondering and act upon your own initiative now.


How to hire talented employees on a tight budget

If you are a startup company, you need employees who are talented, experienced and know the industry to make your company grow rapidly. But the fact is these types of employees are hired at a
huge salary and you can’t afford them. A great way to find and hire these potential employees is to aim for more referrals and rely on word-of-mouth. You should utilize your relationships with your employees to encourage them to give more referrals.

You should focus on targeting only highly-qualified candidates that allow you to maximize your use of resources, develop relationships and avoid making the wrong hire.

You should also hire a Recruitment Agency who will help you hire an employee on a contract opportunity. They will first verify the candidates and also analyse their capabilities. They negotiate salary with them in a beneficial way for the client. The client should go for less-experienced but talented and hard-working employees who will give their full effort to boost your business revenue. It is actually better to hire an employee with less experienced but more potential than a pro. They are more likely to stay longer and grow to the role over time.