When trying to get your dream job, the perfect CV is very important. Your CV should stand out from the crowd on a piece of paper that will showcase your expertise in a well-mannered and professional way. We all know that hiring managers only spend a few seconds looking at your CV, so the point is how can you stand out? Check out some of the tips from us that will help you craft the perfect CV.

• Make a consistent level
The CV you are going to show the HR manager should be consistent throughout the format, the font, the colors and everything else which you are going to include in your CV.

• Include all your information
Your CV should include your telephone number and full address. You can also include details of your Social Networks if you think it would be relevant.

• Your CV should be in order
The presentation of your CV is very important, so arrange your sections into Profile, Experience, Interests, Qualifications, Achievements and key skills.

• Quality not quantity
Don’t make your CV a storybook. Write only your experience and interests.

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