Date Posted:  December 15, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impactful effect on people’s everyday lives as well as their work lives. However, these impacts are far from negative. During the Coronavirus pandemic candidate availability has been soaring which is fantastic news for recruiters and businesses who are looking to employ candidates. The need for temporary workers is also rising rapidly with Temp billing rising for the third month in a row in Scotland. From these statistics being a ‘temp’ is the ideal job during these difficult times.

Job Sectors with the highest amount of Temp vacancies:

IT and Computing

Engineering and Construction

Blue Collar- labourer roles/warehouse roles etc.

Accounting and Financial

Secretarial and Clerical

Job Sectors with the highest amount of permanent vacancies:

Blue collar – labourer/warehouse roles etc.

Nursing, medical and Care

IT and Computing

Pros of working a temporary role:

The experience gained from temporary roles is fantastic. By working with a multitude of different companies in different sectors you are learning lots of new skills that will make your cv stand out from the crowd and gaining lots of new skills that can be helpful in all types of roles and shows you are able to work successfully in multiple different roles and sectors.

Temporary roles are often very flexible and are ideal for people who want a change in career every so often. They are also ideal for people who like to travel or have a busy life outside of work.

By working in various workplaces, you are building up connections with people and employers which is ideal if looking for another job in the future a little helping hand could help you gain a future role – it’s all about who you know!

Temporary roles are also ideal for everyone and not something to be dismissed as many can lead to a permanent role. If you impress and show that you are indispensable and a great asset to the team you never know what could happen…


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