Ways to start your career while still in college

  Date Posted:  January 11, 2019

Starting your career while in college is essential for your success after graduation. Whether you are a freshman or a senior in college, it is critical to set aside some time from your studies, activities and part-time jobs to plan for life after education. The sooner you make time to plan and take specific action, the better positioned you will be to land a job that fits your career goals. If you want to get a job right after completing college, then you need to start building a career track record from the moment you enter college. Experience in the market allows you to build a more compelling resume as well as a professional online presence through LinkedIn, Twitter and
Facebook. In the present job market, it is a cutthroat world for graduates and non-graduates alike, so here are
some ways by Aspirare that will assist you in starting your career while still in college:

  • Take benefits of experience-based learning
    Learning experiences like internships and apprenticeships will allow you to practice the skills you have learned in the classroom and help you build your knowledge and skills, and give you an idea of the job markets that exists within businesses.
  • Work together with potential employers
    You should create relationships with corporate recruiters early on in your college time. Enquire about on-site shadowing and job opportunities and get their input on your coursework. This will be helpful in securing and thriving in an entry-level role in their organisation.
  • Market yourself
    The way to market yourself is to work with the professor or environmental organization to do fieldwork or a research project. Building relationships with professors can develop into future job opportunities and career connections.
  • Use your Career Centre
    Career Centre’s provide job-search services and host-on-campus career fails. They also know about internship opportunities and other campus-related work. Taking benefits of assistance with your Career Centre can take a lot of pressure off.

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