Are you thinking of changing your career?
People want to change careers for a wide range of reasons. Your career goals or qualities may have changed; you may have found a new interest that you want in your job, you may wish for more money, or different shift patterns. Before making the decision, it is important to assess your current situation and what you want from your next job. A new career is a big step for most people and should be thought through.
Aspirare provide you with some helpful tips for a career change:

Assess Yourself
You should assess your values, skills, personality and interests. Self-evaluation tools are helpful as they are able to create a list of occupations that are considered appropriate based on your answers to a series of questions. A few people have career counselors or career development experts who advise them of opportunities based on their skills and experience, however many prefer to use free profession tests that are accessible online.

Good Networking
Career Advisers knows how important networking is, particularly for job seekers. When you meet new people, likely hood is they know about current openings in the market which can help you move one step forward. Social media is a great avenue to create important relationships with other people who share similar interests, growing your network can increase your chance of job opportunities.

Refresh your CV
While preparing your CV, ensure that all sections are up to date and relevant. Take the time to review your previous job descriptions, highlighting experience that is important to the industry you are looking to enter. Update your LinkedIn and online portfolio, a fresh profile with current updates and information is beneficial to potential employers.

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