Date Posted:  December 19, 2018


Rejection happens all the time when it comes to job hunting, but you want to avoid getting rejected before you have had the chance to show the best of you. But when your CV is rejected off the bat, the opportunity has been entirely missed. An effective CV will properly convey your experience and skills to indicate that you can do the job in a perfect manner. It can also give the employer the sense that you will fit well in its workplace culture. Whether you are putting your CV together yourself or with the help of a friend or professional, there are several areas that every job seeker needs to be aware of that can inadvertently cause your CV to be rejected. Invest the time in perfecting your CV.
Avoid these top reasons to why employers often reject a CV:

Copied CV’s
Don’t send the exact same CV to every employer. A quality candidate is one that meets the specific job requirements or shows potential to succeed on the job. Your CV should present the data that relays
relevance and a clear potential to succeed.

Show the important points
You should ensure that the most important and relevant information is captured during the skimming process, your CV needs to be concise. It should focus on the years of experience and you should also
consider what CV format will work before for your specific situation.

Poor editing
There is no room for grammar and spelling mistakes in your CV. There are plenty of tools you can use to create a perfect CV.


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