In the current job market, you must give your best or risk being left behind. Be prepared to give your
full effort, but there is no way to predict what an interviewer will ask you. You should always be
prepared, enabling you to give answers to every question in a confident way.
Interview Preparation: –
• At first, you should research the company before going to the interview. Understanding as much as
possible about their services, products, customers and competition. This will help you understand more
about the company needs, giving you the edge.
• Go to the interview with some amazing and killer questions for the interviewer, that demonstrate
your knowledge of the company.
• Make sure you focus on your key skills, relevant to the job, before interview.
• Be prepared to know and understand the key competencies required for the role.
• Your goal should always be real, or you can say authentic, responding truthfully to interview
• Don’t go off on tangents with your answers, keep the focus on your best qualities.
• Thank interviewers in both person and by email. It will give you an advantage over any of the other
candidates who didn’t take this opportunity to do so.

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