Things you should never do at a job interview

  Date Posted:  December 20, 2018

There are so many resources now available today which can help you find a million interview tips that will help you land your desired job. But who needs or who has time to read it all? No-one. So, Aspirare are focusing to make it easy for you to prepare for your next interview by sharing the
ultimate list of don’ts in any job interview, which includes some specific things that pretty much any hiring manager would agree makes them think negatively about job candidates. We all know the fastest way to land a job interview is to show your interviewer that you are keen, but the problem is when you worry so much about making every small thing go right, something usually goes wrong, so to ensure that the wrong thing is not done at your job interview, Aspirare will provide you with some tips:

Don’t be late
Don’t be late or arrive at your interview too early, stay punctual. It is better to arrive at your interview location on time, this will show your punctuality to your hiring manager. This will help you be one step forward to your desired job.

Don’t talk too soon about your salary
It is a negative point if you talk about your salary packages to your hiring manager. It will give you negative points so never talk first about the salary. Let your recruiter bring up the salary before discussing it.

Don’t forget to do your research
You should always do your research on the company before going into an interview. Showing up not knowing some basic information will make potential employers think you are unprepared and does not
give out a good first impression.


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