Date Posted:  January 11, 2019

No set hours, no dress code and no boss. The life of freelancer sounds like the dream for many average workers, especially those who have skills in writing, designing and coding. Freelancing holds numerous possibilities like Autonomy, Flexibility, Control over projects and the ability to chart your own course. If you are pursuing freelancing, it is a great way to make a little cash on the side. A lot of people take this up as a hobby, but there are many entrepreneurial and passionate, creative people who feel that they need to make freelancing a full-time job. Choosing to quit your full-time job and become a freelancer is daunting. If you are planning to walk this road, it is possible to commit to a full-time freelancing career with the right amount of courage, information, and preparation. Aspirare share some things to consider before starting a freelance career below:

Make your vision
You need to have a positive mindset to conquer the thoughts of not being able to do it or it won’t work. It is essential to understand and feel that your idea is just not a whim, it is a business plan. Begin with setting a company name and forming a goal for your businesses brand.

Make your business structure
There are a lot of freelancers who prefer to establish a limited liability company as it holds many benefits for the legal entity. To figure out the type of business structure you need, keep in mind your business goals and find out all the advantages you would get for each type, then get the wheels turning and begin your journey towards the best possible plan.

Set up a financial process
Create a template for invoices, set your prices and design a great accounting plan. It is much better and easier to keep your accounts right when you have a plan in place from the beginning, rather than starting a few months into the business.


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