Recruitment and the pandemic

  Date Posted:  December 4, 2020

How has the recruitment Industry changed due to Covid? Is this the future for the recruitment Industry? Is Covid here for the long run?

What Industries have been hit the hardest during the pandemic?

The Coronavirus has had a negative impact on most industries, some big and successful companies we all know are no longer in business, whereas on the other hand some companies have taken full advantage of the pandemic and business has sky rocketed in sales some of these industries include the IT industry, online shopping apps and websites, supermarkets meaning more people have been needed to join such industries to take on the demanding increase of workload this has came in useful for Recruitment companies in these sectors.

What does this mean for Recruiters?

Covid has come as a challenge for recruiters along with other industries and putting forward candidates for roles as they cannot get to know the candidates as well as they would be able to do beforehand face to face, now they have to completely rely on video calling, emails, phone calls to be able to qualify candidates to the highest standards for their clients, meaning the standards may not be high which can come at a cost of reworking roles for a longer period.

Working Remotely

Although working from home may have some perks for some businesses, on the other hand there are companies who find working remotely more useful for their business – Not being in a team environment can sometimes make some employees lose motivation in their work and not work to the highest of standards. On the other hand, for companies working remotely has been more beneficial in terms of sales increase and growth in business, it means employees can be more flexible working from home as they are in the comforts of their own homes.

Unemployment in the UK

During the pandemic, there has been an increase in unemployment, there was a rising rate of 4.8% of unemployment in the UK meaning that 1.62 Million people were unemployed and searching for jobs – this was an advantage in a way for the Recruitment industry as people were looking for jobs and recruitment companies had jobs to offer to the public.

Covid has undeniably  pushed a lot of companies and the public to adapt to a new way of life in the way they handle business, especially the recruitment industry has had its own set of challenges.


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