Date Posted:  December 26, 2018

Job hunting is not an easy task to do but it is not impossible. According to a LinkedIn study, one in 3 people changed careers out of 7 million members who changed jobs during this year. So, in terms of bad economy, the idea of changing job can be a bit worrying. Even in the best of times, it’s hard to persuade a hiring manager to consider you over someone who has a record in the field. The hurdle gets ridiculously higher in a bad economy when employers have their pick of overqualified applicants. Storming out in the heat of the moment without a plan is never advisable, however, if you keep your head and develop a comprehensive strategy long before you deliver your letter of resignation, you can quit your job in a down economy relatively unscathed. Here are some ways that will help you make a career change in a Bad Economy:

Focus on your job search
Instead of submitting your resume to thousands of job searching sites narrow your search to the jobs you are truly passionate about. In a recent survey, it is been found that about 83% of people choose jobs that they love over money. By putting all your effort into finding jobs at companies you are interested in, you will have a better chance of getting your dream job.

Brush up your soft skills
Just being good at your trade is not enough to land a job during Bad Economy. You have to work on your soft skills including leadership, teamwork and communication as well as emotional intelligence.

Build a strong online presence
Job searching is less about submitting the CV and more about being found online. Create your own custom blog. Use your name, a positioning statement that captures your expertise and a summary of your work experience. Create social media profiles using the same positioning as your website and cross-link your profiles.

Focus on positive things
Start focusing on that thing that will make you feel about getting your dream job. When you find your mind slipping into a cycle of worry and negative thinking, force yourself to break the cycle and place your thoughts on gratitude.


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