Date Posted:  January 17, 2019

If you are looking for a new job, LinkedIn is a good place to start your search. LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site, with 133 million users in the U.S. and reaching 200 countries around the world. LinkedIn benefits working individuals and their job markets, and it could be the perfect place to find your next job. Aspirare provide the following tips on how to improve your LinkedIn Profile to get a job:

Keep your profile up-to-date
Having a profile picture will help you receive page views and boost your LinkedIn Network. Keeping your skills and interests current will help also help your network grow and having similar interests as your followers will help you connect better and may help when it comes to your job search.

Showcase your current skills and objectives
To ensure you are using LinkedIn correctly for job searching, don't forget anything about your skills, relevant experience and objectives. Utilize your best skills and have your principle objectives featured first. Having your skills highlighted on your profile will make you more attractive to potential employers. You don’t want your profile to look as though your inactive as recruiters and companies might pass you by if it does.

Include recent experience
You need to have your most recent experience evident, for people who will visit your page, particularly when you’re actively seeking a new job within a business. Showcasing your most recent experience will let potential employers gain an understanding of you as an employee.

Build strong connections
Your connections can be a huge help when looking for a new opportunity. Try to expand your LinkedIn network to gain more insight into job markets and opportunities available. LinkedIn makes it simple to associate with individuals you know by bringing in your contact lists from sites such as Gmail.

Research the companies you are interested in and follow them
LinkedIn makes it simple to discover and pursue organisations. Make a list of potential organisations you would like to work for and follow them on LinkedIn. This will allow you to keep up to date on the business and any new positions that become available.


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