Date Posted:  August 22, 2019

Why it’s important to be effective in selecting the right talent!

What’s the impact when you don’t select the right talent, what does it cost you?

Choosing the right job based on your natural talents and why!!!

What happens if you get it wrong? What happens if you choose the wrong job?

If you are a hiring manager and you get your selection wrong, you may a need to spend that money again and again until you get it right!!

What we find is that most hiring managers in business spend very little time in this area annually, mainly because it’s not their core job function

Even if you only recruit from time to time you CAN still be effective using some tips and methodologies, we can share with you through this discussion.

Interviewing is a great way to get to know the candidate’s superficial observable social skills, BUT a miserable way to identify core talents and weaknesses as they relate to the job.

Where it goes wrong is not that it’s a flawed technique or approach specifically, it’s more the fact that interviewing in itself will NEVER be a sufficient way to ascertain what you need to know verbally asking someone what they are good at, it is not the most reliable way to gather information.

What will make you better at selection and performing at interview?

The answer is Validation!!

Those hiring managers and job seekers, who incorporate some form of scientific validated assessment, end up making better decisions.

From a jobseeker’s viewpoint you need to validate your own natural talents and choose the correct job content and an environment to suit.

Employees hired with this information perform better, have greater job satisfaction and stay longer.

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