Date Posted:  January 4, 2019

We all know social media is important for job searching and is often one of the first things a potential employer looks at. Do you have a good social media profile? Are they optimized for peak performance? Sometimes, we get a little sidetracked or distracted by our work. We can get so involved with our business or blogs that we completely forget or neglect our personal profiles. In the present generation, it is important to update your social media profiles to reflect your current status and eliminate outdated or incorrect information, or simply flesh out your profiles with more informative descriptions for your friends. Aspirare have compiled a helpful list of things you can do right now to help your accounts be more optimized, accurate, informative and appealing.

Upload a Standout Profile Picture
You have to first make sure that you have a good profile picture. It is one of the first things anyone will see when investigating whether or not to follow you. The conventional route here is to opt for an image of your face or you could add something symbolic that will represent you.

Check your Privacy Settings
On Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms you may have to double check your profile settings. This fix will eliminate a lot of potential issues. If you want some of your posts to stay public, make sure that the posts which are visible to anyone are appropriate. On Facebook, use the “view”feature to see what your profile looks like to the public and adjust accordingly.

Create links to your other accounts
Sharing your links on other social media platforms is excellent for drawing in followers from sources that already like your content helping to build up your accounts and networks.

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