Date Posted:  December 2, 2020

Throughout the course of the Coronavirus Pandemic the working world has changed drastically, a lot of people are struggling to find work within their chosen sector and less likely job sectors are coming into high demand and proving to be the best places to work at this difficult time. Statistics show that the average application-to-job ratio is rising by 84%. This shows that finding a job can be competitive. However, there are a lot of fantastic industries that are hiring larger amounts of staff than usual and hope for us all that employment is just around the corner and the chance to experience a new and exciting opportunity within a different field from our own.

The top 5 job sectors hiring during this time consist of:

  1. T and digital Technology – Is a Fantastic sector to get into at the moment and with the market changing and people working from home on their computers this is the highest in demand job and one you may even want to stick to long after the pandemic is over as digital skills are required in all industries and a good skill to use in all aspects of life.
  2. Warehouse staff, pickers and delivery drivers – With the lead up to Christmas and us all being stuck inside warehouse and delivery work is at an all time high. People are ordering more products online than ever before during this pandemic and Warehouse and Delivery companies are thriving during this time with Amazon creating over 15,000 new jobs for people in this industry. This is an ongoing market and one that will never die due to the high amounts of products people order and need delivered not only during the pandemic but also post pandemic.
  3. Supermarkets and Grocery Retail – Over 50,000 people in the UK have began working in retail/supermarkets during the Pandemic. Offering full time, temp and part time job opportunities this is the most flexible of all the job markets and has a role to suit everyone. With restaurants and pubs closed during this time or with newly arranged closing times people are eating in at home instead and the supermarkets are the busiest they have ever been making it a great sector to find a job in.
  4. Cleaners – Throughout the Pandemic Cleaners have been in high demand with over 10,000 cleaning roles being posted on indeed. Cleaners are needed for all kinds of places but especially in the healthcare and hospital sector as people want to see that things are being cleaned to a high standard while there is a virus. In a society of now disinfectant and cleaning conscious people due to Coronavirus, this is a fantastic job to get into with lots of work on offer.
  5. Lorry Drivers- This role is in very high demand as even before the Pandemic there was a shortage of up to 59,000 lorry drivers in the UK. With people getting more delivered to their homes and products getting moved about the country this is a great role for people everywhere and a job that will always be needed.
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