How does change management affect your people?

There is one certain topic in life and that is change!!

How do we handle change?

How does change affect you as an employee or as an individual?

How does it affect your culture?

What is the secret to effective change management?

All these questions can often give the individual or company a headache.

It’s only a headache if you don’t know the answers or the methodology to change success. At we have the tools and expertise to make your change strategy successful and seamless, why guess when you can know how?

To maintain pace with your competitors in an ever-changing changing business environment you must adapt and implement your strategies effectively. Change comes in various forms including, downsizing, upsizing, acquisition and many more and sometimes the impact is harrowing

Change should come and be driven from the leadership of the business

Sometimes with change we experience FEAR when its really accepting the status quo, this is a false situation as the status quo often means you  go backwards .it’s a natural emotion for your employees to ask questions and wonder ,this can lead to uncertainty and lack of stability , job satisfaction production etc some may even vote with their feet!

Culture is often described as a system of shared beliefs and this is a continual “work in progress” and often seen as safe ground and a comfort to employees, when change happens this can shake their foundations , a negative culture can have a dramatic effect on the health of the whole business or the individuals.

They key to all the above is effective communication, at we are experts in effective communication there is BIG difference from what we perceive as communication and effective communication, ask us why?

We must engage and connect effectively, and this starts with good leadership capability cascading throughout every crevice of the business and then reinforced again. It starts from the leaders and is an ongoing process of re-evaluation, the outcome is that all employees are valued and will benefit, need I say anymore

Let us help with your change management and communication strategy ,its what we do !!


Aspirare and Made in Scotland Kiltwalk

Aspirare and Made In Scotland participated in this year’s Kiltwalk on Sunday September 26 – the first live one in 2 years – which was a fantastic day where an incredible 4,000 people took part to raise money for their chosen charity and Sir Tom Hunter will once again match any donations received by an astounding 50%.

Our chosen charity was the incredible Spirit Aid – a Scottish humanitarian relief organisation dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been impacted by poverty, neglect, abuse, lack of opportunity and several other circumstances. In addition to carrying out wonderful work all around the world, Spirit Aid do so much for children and families in the local communities throughout Scotland and we have been inspired by the work carried out by Spirit Aid and their team.

We would like to give a special thank you to the King Lud for being such a huge support in raising over £250 (so far) for Spirit Aid – your effort has been greatly appreciated.

Make sure to participate in next year’s Kiltwalk to have some fun and raise money for your chosen charity, we’ll see you there!


Why are we facing a candidate shortage

The UK job market has drastically altered since the start of this year when the bulk of UK companies were lacking in confidence due to the unprecedented situation of the covid 19 pandemic. As restrictions begin to loosen more, confidence in the job market is growing, and as a result, there is a rise in demand for new recruits across the board.

While this is good news for the recruitment industry, the number of available candidates plummeted at the quickest rate since June 1997, according to The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The decrease in the number of new candidates looking for work is due to a number of reasons, including the sudden increase in demand across all industries as a result of the pandemic, furloughed employees (approximately 1.6 million are still furloughed), hesitancy to look for new career paths due to uncertainty, less EU candidates, and several skilled candidates having already been hired at the start of the pandemic when many ended up unemployed due to redundancy.

In Order To Achieve Results, It Is Incredibly Important To:

Act fast
A candidate may be available one day and then removed from the market the next because one of your recruitment agency competitors gave them the position first. Respond as soon as possible; prospects are less inclined to wait in today’s employment market.

Offer competitive pay
To attract candidates, ensure you provide a competitive wage. It’s a highly competitive industry right now, so if your pay rate isn’t competitive, it will be a challenge to attract candidates.

Offer incentives
As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many candidates are hesitant to leave their existing workplace. Due to this, applicants are focusing more on business culture, benefit packages such as annual leave, and pension plans.

Be flexible
Be flexible with your requirements in a candidate as being overly precise could discourage candidates from applying even if they have the necessary talents, goals, and cultural fit that your business is looking for.

Here at Aspirare Recruitment Scotland, we have a fantastic team of experts who have an in-depth knowledge of a variety of business sectors including Engineering, Construction, Administration, IT, Sales, and Accountancy and Finance, and have a thorough understanding of the people who work in them.

Whether you’re a job seeker or searching for permanent or temporary staff, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any help or support as we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations with invaluable advice and have gained an enviable reputation for sourcing high-calibre candidates.


Why a temporary role should be our new permanent solution

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impactful effect on people’s everyday lives as well as their work lives. However, these impacts are far from negative. During the Coronavirus pandemic candidate availability has been soaring which is fantastic news for recruiters and businesses who are looking to employ candidates. The need for temporary workers is also rising rapidly with Temp billing rising for the third month in a row in Scotland. From these statistics being a ‘temp’ is the ideal job during these difficult times.

Job Sectors with the highest amount of Temp vacancies:

IT and Computing

Engineering and Construction

Blue Collar- labourer roles/warehouse roles etc.

Accounting and Financial

Secretarial and Clerical

Job Sectors with the highest amount of permanent vacancies:

Blue collar – labourer/warehouse roles etc.

Nursing, medical and Care

IT and Computing

Pros of working a temporary role:

The experience gained from temporary roles is fantastic. By working with a multitude of different companies in different sectors you are learning lots of new skills that will make your cv stand out from the crowd and gaining lots of new skills that can be helpful in all types of roles and shows you are able to work successfully in multiple different roles and sectors.

Temporary roles are often very flexible and are ideal for people who want a change in career every so often. They are also ideal for people who like to travel or have a busy life outside of work.

By working in various workplaces, you are building up connections with people and employers which is ideal if looking for another job in the future a little helping hand could help you gain a future role – it’s all about who you know!

Temporary roles are also ideal for everyone and not something to be dismissed as many can lead to a permanent role. If you impress and show that you are indispensable and a great asset to the team you never know what could happen…


Defying the odds during coronavirus

We at Aspirare Recruitment are feeling proud to be involved in the NHS supply chain during this current climate and are overjoyed to announce that business has been fantastic with our contract numbers quadrupling within the last 4-6 weeks. This is fantastic news for us and all those unemployed members of the public who have been able to fill these roles and find employment. With the key market sectors changing and the need for more warehouse, logistics and distribution services during the coronavirus pandemic we have a lot to offer the local community and are keen to  continue helping the local economy and support local businesses. At the moment the demand for temporary roles during the difficult time has been rising but we are pleased to let you know that there will be more and more permanent roles becoming available in the first quarter of the new year and some fantastic opportunities that are something to definitely get excited about.

The Local Economy and our community:

We believe in supporting the local economy and with this we plan on helping with the expansion of employment and filling jobs with those who are in need in the local community. We want to make a difference with helping it reach the best of its ability. We want to see all our candidates thrive and start a role that they enjoy and try to curb unemployment during this pandemic.

Key Market Sectors during Coronavirus:

Things are changing and coronavirus is having a big impact on the key markets and industries. We can see many people taking a change in career and diving into a new role. With Warehouse roles and jobs within the logistics and distribution sector in high demand and offering lots of positions that we recruit for why not try your hand at one of these. These sectors are also very flexible and great for all sorts of shifts and temporary, permanent or contract roles.

High Achievers:

Here at Aspirare we always strive to do our best and follow the motto “Be the best you can be” We want nothing more than to find our candidates the perfect role and to continue to provide our clients with a very high standard and good quality of candidates to work for them. With our contract numbers quadrupling and those numbers continuing to rise even more week by week our success here is something we are all delighted to be a part of and would love to share with those who are looking for a new opportunity or a change in role.


Recruitment and the pandemic

How has the recruitment Industry changed due to Covid? Is this the future for the recruitment Industry? Is Covid here for the long run?

What Industries have been hit the hardest during the pandemic?

The Coronavirus has had a negative impact on most industries, some big and successful companies we all know are no longer in business, whereas on the other hand some companies have taken full advantage of the pandemic and business has sky rocketed in sales some of these industries include the IT industry, online shopping apps and websites, supermarkets meaning more people have been needed to join such industries to take on the demanding increase of workload this has came in useful for Recruitment companies in these sectors.

What does this mean for Recruiters?

Covid has come as a challenge for recruiters along with other industries and putting forward candidates for roles as they cannot get to know the candidates as well as they would be able to do beforehand face to face, now they have to completely rely on video calling, emails, phone calls to be able to qualify candidates to the highest standards for their clients, meaning the standards may not be high which can come at a cost of reworking roles for a longer period.

Working Remotely

Although working from home may have some perks for some businesses, on the other hand there are companies who find working remotely more useful for their business – Not being in a team environment can sometimes make some employees lose motivation in their work and not work to the highest of standards. On the other hand, for companies working remotely has been more beneficial in terms of sales increase and growth in business, it means employees can be more flexible working from home as they are in the comforts of their own homes.

Unemployment in the UK

During the pandemic, there has been an increase in unemployment, there was a rising rate of 4.8% of unemployment in the UK meaning that 1.62 Million people were unemployed and searching for jobs – this was an advantage in a way for the Recruitment industry as people were looking for jobs and recruitment companies had jobs to offer to the public.

Covid has undeniably  pushed a lot of companies and the public to adapt to a new way of life in the way they handle business, especially the recruitment industry has had its own set of challenges.


A change in profession to cure the job hunt obsession

Throughout the course of the Coronavirus Pandemic the working world has changed drastically, a lot of people are struggling to find work within their chosen sector and less likely job sectors are coming into high demand and proving to be the best places to work at this difficult time. Statistics show that the average application-to-job ratio is rising by 84%. This shows that finding a job can be competitive. However, there are a lot of fantastic industries that are hiring larger amounts of staff than usual and hope for us all that employment is just around the corner and the chance to experience a new and exciting opportunity within a different field from our own.

The top 5 job sectors hiring during this time consist of:

  1. T and digital Technology – Is a Fantastic sector to get into at the moment and with the market changing and people working from home on their computers this is the highest in demand job and one you may even want to stick to long after the pandemic is over as digital skills are required in all industries and a good skill to use in all aspects of life.
  2. Warehouse staff, pickers and delivery drivers – With the lead up to Christmas and us all being stuck inside warehouse and delivery work is at an all time high. People are ordering more products online than ever before during this pandemic and Warehouse and Delivery companies are thriving during this time with Amazon creating over 15,000 new jobs for people in this industry. This is an ongoing market and one that will never die due to the high amounts of products people order and need delivered not only during the pandemic but also post pandemic.
  3. Supermarkets and Grocery Retail – Over 50,000 people in the UK have began working in retail/supermarkets during the Pandemic. Offering full time, temp and part time job opportunities this is the most flexible of all the job markets and has a role to suit everyone. With restaurants and pubs closed during this time or with newly arranged closing times people are eating in at home instead and the supermarkets are the busiest they have ever been making it a great sector to find a job in.
  4. Cleaners – Throughout the Pandemic Cleaners have been in high demand with over 10,000 cleaning roles being posted on indeed. Cleaners are needed for all kinds of places but especially in the healthcare and hospital sector as people want to see that things are being cleaned to a high standard while there is a virus. In a society of now disinfectant and cleaning conscious people due to Coronavirus, this is a fantastic job to get into with lots of work on offer.
  5. Lorry Drivers- This role is in very high demand as even before the Pandemic there was a shortage of up to 59,000 lorry drivers in the UK. With people getting more delivered to their homes and products getting moved about the country this is a great role for people everywhere and a job that will always be needed.

Why the client may choose a temporary worker

Following on from my previous blogs where I mentioned agility and flexibility in the current working environment, the following information is targeted at the hiring company.

Homeworking seems to be the flavour of current times and is proving worthwhile during lockdown but how long will this last?

We have noticed that the hiring market is showing increases in certain market sectors and if a hiring company is servicing projects on the continent the supply chain must find a way to deliver this is why the business will and must consider using contractors or temporary workers in the short term. This is happening now.

Some reasons for the use of temporary workers include: –


As every business knows cash is king and using a temporary worker and outsourced payroll solution via a recruitment agency allows you breathing space in the invoicing payment cycle, this may be just the solution you need to enhance cash flow and profitability, it may also save jobs in the long term


During this period of change you can increase or decrease temporary headcount, this is called flexible resourcing and once again manages cost, it also means that la the liabilities lie out with your business from an HR, liability and legal viewpoint, its worth a thought and mitigates risk!


Due to current market conditions, there is a more readily available talent pool meaning that you have a choice of quality to suit your needs and in most occasions at short notice

The worker

The worker has become educated in current needs and too is more flexible than before meaning that longevity, satisfaction and performance can be attained, people need to be working and the employment market is cautious about being unemployed, its now hirer’s market

At Aspire Recruitment we are experienced and experts in all areas of temporary and contract recruitment, why not give us a call to discuss the various options with you


Be aware and be flexible in the job market

As the market recovers and unemployment moves closer to 1 million since lockdown it is important that if you are offered a job to remember these are not normal times and flexibility is the key at this moment in time.

Those who are not aware of this and want to wait for a job may be waiting a while, please be aware of this, it’s “needs must” just now I am afraid.

In many ways it will be the first past the post scenario, this is absolutely in harmony with the temp market, jobs will be filled quicker than they were before due to demand and number of the available job applicants.

Stats tell us that the increase of job applications has grown by over 1000-1500 % at least, you are battling with a multiple of at least 10-15 times the number of job applicants for the job you applied for!! You are literally amongst a sea of other applicants and it is not normal.

I was speaking with a recruitment supply chain company lately who said that they had experienced a 15% growth on contact each week the last 4 weeks across all sectors, whilst that is good news the competition is greater.

Other factors to consider is that if you have a perm job, it’s a privilege just now, hang on to it tightly!!!

Pay rises may not be on the table for quite some time too, so get planning and watch your spending folks.

I believe we will get through this with foresight planning and decision making.


Unlock the lockdown, moving towards recovery

The Recruitment industry has enjoyed consistent steady growth since the financial crash of 2008, naturally this is the biggest challenge the employment industry and the recruitment industry has had since then

So, what are the experts and the market telling us just now?

There are now slower falls in both the perm and contract market since July, its slowly turning thankfully both clarified by KPMG and the REC in their own jobs report for July.

Of course, there are regional variations on all the stats however the trend is changing and HOW we do this may continue to alter such as home working therefore the worker ad the hiring company need to be agile, not all business can do this as their services maybe labour intensive and require a physical or “hands on approach” more than others

Although the whole picture has changed we will recover!!

Skills and demand will change and so will a re-focus on adaptable skills

As the demand for certain skills continues to change, and a focus on re-skilling continues to grow, recruiters need to take time to understand the changes and adapt their offerings to meet market needs.

Most hiring business are looking to either to strengthen their core business or to diversify into more attractive niche markets.

For those that don’t take the time to understand and adapt to the new environment and reassess their strategic priorities, opportunities for growth may be more elusive.

My Prediction is that the market will see a rise in temporary contact over perm recruitment until the economy is in a more solid place, temp to perm will be a reality, so therefore the job seeker needs to be more flexible than they have ever been or long term periods of no work

We all need to adjust and show agility and we will get through this