Why are we facing a candidate shortage

The UK job market has drastically altered since the start of this year when the bulk of UK companies were lacking in confidence due to the unprecedented situation of the covid 19 pandemic. As restrictions begin to loosen more, confidence in the job market is growing, and as a result, there is a rise in demand for new recruits across the board.

While this is good news for the recruitment industry, the number of available candidates plummeted at the quickest rate since June 1997, according to The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The decrease in the number of new candidates looking for work is due to a number of reasons, including the sudden increase in demand across all industries as a result of the pandemic, furloughed employees (approximately 1.6 million are still furloughed), hesitancy to look for new career paths due to uncertainty, less EU candidates, and several skilled candidates having already been hired at the start of the pandemic when many ended up unemployed due to redundancy.

In Order To Achieve Results, It Is Incredibly Important To:

Act fast
A candidate may be available one day and then removed from the market the next because one of your recruitment agency competitors gave them the position first. Respond as soon as possible; prospects are less inclined to wait in today’s employment market.

Offer competitive pay
To attract candidates, ensure you provide a competitive wage. It’s a highly competitive industry right now, so if your pay rate isn’t competitive, it will be a challenge to attract candidates.

Offer incentives
As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many candidates are hesitant to leave their existing workplace. Due to this, applicants are focusing more on business culture, benefit packages such as annual leave, and pension plans.

Be flexible
Be flexible with your requirements in a candidate as being overly precise could discourage candidates from applying even if they have the necessary talents, goals, and cultural fit that your business is looking for.

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