& Labour Abuse Authority

Who needs a Gangmasters License?

Anyone who is a labour provider and supplies workers to the following sectors:

• Agriculture
• Horticulture
• Shellfish gathering
• Any associated processing and packaging of any product derived from agriculture, fish, or shellfish.

A license is needed for any work carried out in the UK, even if the business is located overseas, this includes:

• Agency/temporary worker
• Permanent worker
• Employee
• Self-employed person
• Family member
• Voluntary worker
• Volunteer

Why is this essential to your business?

With our Gangmasters License we will be able to support the UK fresh food produce sector with their recruitment, focussing on businesses that process and package food or drink. We will continue to employ agency workers to employers in adherence to the UK employment regulations and GLAA protocals to:

• Protect vulnerable workers whilst they are searching or are at work.
• Share information with the GLAA and other organisations to prevent and stop the exploitation of workers.
• Raise awareness of exploitation and actively communicate within the supply chains that we support.
• Work collaboratively with the GLAA and organisations, to manage information in a sensitive manner.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this license please get in touch with us at
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